Levels of Training

This traditional energy cultivation system has five primary levels of training. Three of these trainings (Golden Shield, Pillars, Brushes) are stand alone, meaning any of them can be done separately and need not be done in any particular order. The other two are built upon the abdominal level of training (Golden Bell, Crown). Should one complete all five levels of training and wish to continue there are advanced levels of training. Thus Golden Shield Qi Gong can be a stand-alone 6-8 month intensive training or a multi-year evolutionary process.

Level I- Golden Shield: The Abdomen
Perhaps the best suited training for busy Americans, Golden Shield rapidly enhances one’s energy production, circulation, and storage. By stimulating the function of the digestive organs and drawing one’s energy into their “center” students begin to feel more centered and vital. Golden Shield is an extremely wise investment in one’s health and longevity.

Level II- Golden Bell: The Torso
In Chinese Medicine all the meridians of the body go through the torso region of the body. Through a wide variety of training tools this training overhauls the entire region, opening the meridians, enhancing the strength of bone in the spine and ribcage, and vibrating the internal organs. Internal herbs are used in this level to support the body’s intense energetic development. This training takes roughly 1 – 2 years to complete.

Level III- Golden Crown: The Head
Golden Crown is the favorite training of most students. This intense and exhilarating training enhances mental functioning, strengthens the bones of the skull and spine and serves to integrate the head and the body. Evolution of this area is accomplished through the use of meditations, physical stimulation, and internal herbal formulas. This training takes roughly 10 months to complete.

Golden Brushes-The Hands: Golden Brushes is an intensive training system designed to improve the health strength, flexibility, and resilience of ones arms hands and wrists. By combining physical/energetic training, meditations/visualizations, and herbal soaks, the muscles, tendons and bones of the arms and hands are completely revitalized. This training can be very helpful for those that depend on the agility and health of their hands for their profession, or anyone wishing to keep their hands/arms/wrists functioning well.

Golden Pillars-The Legs: Golden Pillars is a dynamic seven-month intensive training system designed to improve the health strength, flexibility, and resilience of ones arms feet, ankles and knees. This training can be very helpful for those who feel their legs/knees weakening, for athletes who want to enhance their performance, or for anyone wishing to develop this region of the body.

For all levels, the training entails two classes per month (four in Santa Cruz, any of which can be attended by Palo Alto and Monterey students), and 3/4 -3 hours (depending on the training) of self initiated training per week. Each training level is also accompanied by external or internal herbal formulas that have been passed down with each generation of practitioners.

In each level we apply progressively challenging physical stimulation, giving each area of the body a reason or need to grow. This enhances overall energy production, storage and circulation. Each level of training also includes moving and sitting meditations to compliment the physical training and enhance mind/body/energy connection. The result is the transformation of the entire energetic system and greatly enhanced levels of health. 

1 Person Bat Level of Golden Bell
Tile Breaking at the End of Golden Brushes