Herbal Medicine Practice

Herbal medicines work differently from many drug therapies. Herbs prescribed by a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine can be thought of as strong foods. These strong foods will support the body in restoring the dynamic balance we call health. A well thought-out herbal prescription from an experienced herbalist will not only address a patient’s primary health complaints, but will also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Rather than just treating the “dis-ease”, Chinese herbal medicine supports the person as a whole.

 There are many patterns or reasons why disease develops. Chinese medicine cures underlying patterns which cause symptoms. The purpose of food and herb recommendations is to treat the patterns leading to imbalance or dis-ease. Treatment includes a thorough evaluation and assessment, then the selection of medicinal herbs are prepared and dispensed to the patient. Follow up evaluations determine duration an efficacy of the prescription.

Darren strongly believes in the stewardship of soils as necessary to the health of our environment, and thus our own health. Given this guiding philosophy, Darren uses organically grown and/or ethically wildcrafted herbs whenever possible. All of Darren’s herbs are free of sulfur and other preservatives and if not organically grown are rigorously tested for pesticide residues. Darren continually strives to supply his patients with the highest quality herbs available with minimal ecological impact to the environment

For those unable to come to Santa Cruz for a face to face appointment, Darren offers phone or SKYPE consultations.
Please call or email for more details (831) 334-5177  email

“Darren is one of the best examples of a true practicing herbalist that I know…”
Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D.,
L.Ac., A.H.G.