About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a painless yet effective way to catalyze the body’s healing process. Acupuncture is truly amazing in its ability to restore balance to body systems regardless if they are over or under functioning. In essence we can think of acupuncture as moving energy to or away from where where it needs to be for optimal body functioning.

The number of needles may range from 5 to 25. Sometimes a light current of electricity is used on the needles (called electro-acupuncture) to provide an ongoing stimulus for the movement of energy. The frequency of acupuncture treatments will depend on the severity of the condition being treated, how many health promoting habits are adopted and whether or not herbal medicines are being used to support the treatments.

Darren administers acupuncture to patients in his care using only sterile, single-use needles.

For those who have an adversity to needles, or as a complementary treatment to acupuncture Darren may use other manual treatments like massage, moxa, or cupping. Darren will also often use therapeutic grade essential oils instead of needles in needle sensitive patients or in conjunction with needles for enhanced effectiveness and relaxation.  

Whichever combination of modalities Darren uses, the comfort of his patients is always taken into account so that the experience is pleasant, yet effective. Acupuncture is an incredibly safe and effective treatment modality for many of the problems a human body can experience.

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“I have endured seasonal allergies for years. One day, standing in a friend’s garden, I noticed the privet hedge was in full bloom. Normally, this would send me running for a lortadine tablet to stop the sneezing and itching. Now I was stood looking at it, seeing the bees working their way around the blossoms. My eyes didn’t itch, my nose didn’t tingle. I was amazed. Thanks for your help Darren!

Dr. Darren Huckle, L.Ac., DAOM, Herbalist

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