Benefits of Training


Golden Shield Qi Gong (GSQG) training is a dynamic system that catalyzes the body’s innate ability to evolve. Each individual who embarks upon the training travels the same training journey. Yet the outcomes vary depending on the students strengths, weaknesses, and desires for growth.The following is a list of what most people gain from the training.

Increased Energy- GSQG enhances organ and cellular function, thus, more energy is produced for daily use.  As more energy is produced and circulated overall vitality and fertility is enhanced.

Stress Management– The student’s energy system learns to adapt and grow in response to life stressors rather than break down into disorder.  Life’s challenges are more likely to be percieved as opportunities rather than obligations.

Detoxification– Through vibrating the areas of the body with physical stimulation, both emotional and physical toxins/stagnations are loosened and released from the body.  As vitality and circulation are enhanced this supports the detox mechanisms inherent in the body.

•Integration and Centering– GSQG training cultivates a sense of focus and integration by bringing the mind into the body through physical training and meditation.   By strengthening and rooting ones energy in the abdominal area students are able to maintain a feeling of being ‘centered’ even in the midst of life’s challenges.

Increased Self Confidence– During GSQG training students continually rise to and win against the challenges/stresses used to initiate growth . By constantly winning throughout the months of training one develops the “knowing” that they are powerful and capable individuals.



  • Through the physical and meditative practice of GSQG, students learn how to effectively manage their bodies energy system. Management strategies include:
  • Techniques to contain one’s energy and stop energy leaks that drain the body’s energy supply.
    Realization of the “Lock and Key” to one’s energy so one can collect leaked energy at will.
  • How to consciously or unconsciously project an energy field for physical, mental and psychic protection (like a personal Qi “air bag”).
  • Meditations to enhance focus of the mind and control of one’s own energy.
  • Foods and herbs that help the body to build its energy supply.

The ultimate goal for the training is for each student to be an independent energy system, thus empowered to manage the direction and levels of energy output at will.

“I’ve been doing qi gong for less than 2 months but already I am seeing benefits. I guess my body is rising to the challenge and providing me with the energy I need to strengthen myself even more.  It feels wonderful to have a new relationship with my body, and I feel younger and more vital. I’m just at the beginning of my qi gong training, but I can certainly see how powerful a tool for increasing energy and improving health this is.  I look forward to class nights — I haven’t missed a single one.  I am surprised to find how much fun the whole process is, and I am so proud of myself for taking on this challenge.  This is a big win for me.”
Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for all of us to grow.

Nancy C, retired teacher, Watsonville CA