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“Darren’s approach to nutrition and health and life was inspirational. You helped me a good deal to think about lifestyle and stress and how I perceive my circumstances and choices. Hey, you even got me drinking mineral teas out of mason jars! Thanks so much!”
Donna, Santa Cruz
“I have endured seasonal allergies for years.  One day, standing in a friend’s garden, I noticed the privet hedge was in full bloom.  Normally, this would send me running for a lortadine tablet to stop the sneezing and itching. Now I was stood looking at it, seeing the bees working their way around the blossoms.  My eyes didn’t itch, my nose didn’t tingle.  I was amazed. Thanks for your help Darren!”
“This experience with Darren has been different in that it takes into account the whole picture, the whole person.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a practice of health care that has done that.  Furthermore, it’s encouraged me to be more involved in my self care, taking it out of the hands of an “all knowing” doctor. Instead, I feel that I’m working in concert with a health care mentor and guide.  I feel Darren gives me practical and useful ideas on how to change things, how to move back into a healthy balance.” 
“I've been undergoing acupuncture for a digestion/gallstone problem and I'm really become intrigued by the practice.  Last year at this time, I was so sick I could barely eat anything. My western MD found a gallstone and recommended surgery. Then I attended a lecture on Medicinal Herbs given by Darren Huckle, a licensed acupuncturist. I found much of his thinking to align with how I feel about health care.  I scheduled an appointment with him to see if there was anything that could be done about the gallstone.  I don’t think I actually believed anything other than surgery would have worked.  However, within 6 months, my digestion improved, I could eat "normally" again, my energy came back, I've lost weight, and my hay fever/allergies have disappeared.”
“Darren is one of the best examples of a true practicing herbalist that I know…”
– Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G.
Darren Huckle is more than just a friend and colleague to me, he is family. We got to know each other in the early 90s when he started working with me as our farm manager. At this time we had a wonderful 11 acres in the mountains above Santa Cruz, and were wanting to teach herb classes, apprenticeships, and build an educational center.
Darren proved to have so much passion for herbs, and a great understanding of the land and the strengths and limitations of the sandy soil in Bonnie Doon. He rapidly had compost heaps going all around the gardens, and created such a wonderful environment for learning. I will never forget the scented garden, the Chinese herb garden, and the other healing areas he created. He also began to mentor other herb students in the garden at that time.

From this time in working together, I learned what clear focus and insight Darren was able to bring to creating a healing environment for students and how deeply he understood the power of the land and living with the live plants to heal.

From this experience, I saw Darren develop a greater excitement to pursue more training in the traditional healing arts, complete his Acupuncture and herb training at 5 Branches Institute, and go on to do advanced graduate school training and scholarship in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, Darren brings this extensive scholarship and hands-on training from teachers with lineages from China with long clinical experience blended with his love of the garden and the spirit of the living plants to his healing practice.

When one considers the growth of community herbalism around the country, and even around the world, Darren is a perfect example of the true spirit of that movement. He has an extensive herb garden that he lives with daily, he communicates with the spirit of the living plants, and makes many of his own medicines at the edge of the garden, with careful and skillful traditional methods informed by a study of the chemistry and pharmacology of each unique plant. He also travels to other places, like the southwest deserts or high sierra to personally hand-harvest selected herbs that are not available to grow locally, such as yerba mansa or California peony. He knows well that herb medicine is most effective when made as closely as possible from the fresh plants, avoiding excessive heat, and refining.

Darren is one of the best examples of a true practicing herbalist that I know. His offerings as a healer are deep, and epitomize the spirit of community herbalism, skillful traditional medicine, and deep psychological and spiritual insights he has gained from his own struggles and efforts as a conscious being with great heart.

- Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G.
Institute for Natural Products Research (INPR)