About Qi Gong Training

Qi Gong hand training golden brushes moving meditationGolden Shield Qi Gong is a physical, meditative, and energetic training system. The training consists of moving meditations, the external or internal application of traditional herbal formulas, and physical stimulation to selected areas of the body. Unlike some other qi gong instruction where people attend infrequent weekend seminars, Golden Shield is a training system where one is guided through sequential levels of development. Students attend class two or more times per month. Each student’s training is individually customized to meet their unique speed of development. Depending on one’s individual progress, Golden Shield is a six to eight month program that can stand-alone or become the foundation for a continuing four-year practice of intensive personal cultivation. Classes are held twice per month and are two hours long. Class time is composed of lecture, questions and answers, meditation and physical practice. Each student will receive individual attention to monitor progress and customize training.

Between classes students practice at home 2 – 3 times per week in 20-30 minute sessions. Darren is available to recommend nutritional, herbal, and meditative programs to enhance the training. Throughout the initial 6-8 month intensive program, you will have objective measures that demonstrate the growth of your energy system. Towards the end of the training you will be taught methods to “seal in” all the growth that you have accomplished. With these techniques you will retain the level of cultivation you achieved during your training for decades.
See Benefits of Training page for how Golden Shield Qi Gong helps us live happier and healthier lives.