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h e a l i n g    p h i l o s o p h y

We are all inherently whole. Sometimes we need support to manifest our wellness. The role of the healthcare provider is fourfold:

  • Educate the patient in healthy ways of living
  • Empower the patient to get involved in their healing journey
  • Coach the patient with non-judging and unconditional support and accountability, so that the patient may work towards health with an attitude of self love
  • Treat employing minimally invasive methodologies to catalyze healing response

The basis of Darren's practice is Chinese medical theory. Darren closely observes body and lifestyle patterns and creates a flexible, evolving health program. A holistic medical provider, Darren emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle as primary forms of treatment. Darren believes that environmental stewardship is critical to our own health. What we do to our envirenment, we do to ourselves. In alignment with this philosophy, the majority of herbs he uses are locally and/or organically grown.



Treatment Plan

At your initial appointment, Darren will spend 1-1/2 hours taking an in-depth health history. Follow-up appointments are 1 hour long. During your sessions, Darren will recommend a treatment plan which includes all or some of the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Prescriptions
  • Dietary recommendations
    for example: new foods to try, foods to avoid when possible, foods to emphasize for restoring health
  • Lifestyle recommendations
    for example: sleep schedule, diet, exercise, stress management, breathing practice
  • Diagnostic Testing for food allergens/intolerances and intestinal pathogens
  • Referral to other health care providers or classes